Why choose Cleerly?

We're passionate about providing an expert service tailored to you

Cleerly, the right move

We are experts in helping the contractor and freelancer community secure the best specialist mortgages on the market

At Cleerly, we specialise in finding the best mortgage options for contractors, locums and professionals with complex income. This is because we understand how both flexible working and underwriting for specialist mortgages work, and can use this knowledge to advise you on the best course of action. With our extensive experience in the industry and strong relationships with a range of mortgage providers, we can help you secure a mortgage when you might have been turned away from other high street lenders.

Our vision

Our vision is simple

We believe that contractors, locums and professionals with complex income deserve fair and flexible mortgage options. This is why we will always strive to secure the best deals and financial solutions based on earning potential - not just on pay slips.

Our service

We’re proud of the service we provide to all our clients, whatever their needs or circumstances

Our founder brings a unique blend of firsthand experience and industry knowledge to the table. Not only has he navigated the complexities of securing a mortgage as a contractor himself, he has also been in the contractor mortgage business for over 15 years and was instrumental in negotiating the original contract based underwriting with UK lenders. This has been expanded to locums and other professionals with complex income.

Our independence

We’re not tied to any mortgage providers or insurers

So, we will never recommend companies or products based on how much commission they offer us.

All our recommendations are down to just one factor: what’s best for you, your circumstances and what you’re trying to achieve.

Our people

We are only as good as our people and that’s why we only work with the best

Not only are our people professionally qualified specialist mortgage consultants, but they are also trained to the very highest standards to ensure they understand what we expect of them. We also believe that our consultants can only function if they have the very best administrative support and that’s where our expert client service managers come in.

Our technology

We believe providing people with the right tools to do their jobs well is essential

But we also know that those tools need to be user-friendly. That’s why we built our system and processes around the people who will be using it.

Some of the trusted lenders we work with

We move with the times

Our knowledge and expertise

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