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Are you are a contractor looking for a mortgage that suits your complex income situation? Cleerly is the broker for you.

With over 15 years in the business, we’ve helped contractors, freelancers and professionals with multiple or non-conventional incomes secure the best mortgages deals tailored to their unique circumstances.

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Having a complex income structure means you don’t always fit into a standard tickbox on a mortgage application. As a result, most mainstream lenders will perceive you as a higher risk, meaning you miss out on standard mortgage deals regardless of your income or affordability.

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Cleerly partners exclusively with specialised mortgage providers who will take your unique circumstances and affordability into account when considering your application.

Common complex income mortgages


Whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to move home or exploring buy-to-let opportunities, we’re here to help, no matter how complex your income. We offer full support for the following:

Property income mortgages

Finding the right mortgages for landlords, developers and investors whose main source of income is from renting or selling properties such as houses, flats or land. 

RSU income mortgages

We collaborate with lenders who acknowledge Restricted Stock Units (a type of equity compensation) as an influential factor in determining affordability and borrowing potential.

Royalties income mortgages

Cleerly helps authors, artists and musicians discover the best royalties income mortgage deals, taking into account income from intellectual property as part of your borrowing potential.


Trust income mortgages

Our expert team of consultants work with specialist lenders who accommodate trust incomes, exploring mortgage solutions for those who receive income from a trust fund.

Offshore income mortgages

We work with lenders who consider offshore income as part of your mortgage application, such as salaries from overseas employers or rental income from foreign properties.

If your income stream isn’t listed above, do still get in touch. Our mortgage specialists support those with all manner of incomes, whether it’s from a specific type of investment or from bonuses.

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However complex your income, we can find the right lender for you.

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Frequently asked questions on complex income mortgages

Complex income refers to any income that is not straightforward or traditional, such as income streams from multiple sources, fluctuating income from contract work, offshore earnings, equity compensation like Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) or income from trust funds or royalties. It's referred to as 'complex' as it may be irregular or harder to document and verify compared to a standard salary income, leading to challenges when applying for a mortgage or loan.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to get a mortgage with a complex income, but it is often far from straightforward. This is where Cleerly can help. We can help borrowers navigate these challenges, partnering exclusively with lenders who look beyond standard salary incomes and take earning potential and affordability into account.  

Many high street lenders often perceive complex incomes as risky because they can fluctuate over time, making it harder to predict future earnings and ability to repay the loan, even if, in reality, it’s not.

Lenders may deem income to be complex for various reasons, e.g., self-employment (company directors or sole traders), contracting, locum work or multiple income streams. The key thing will be proof of income for all of these. A summary of typical lender requirements is as follows:

  • Contractors: current contract, latest 3 months' bank statements, latest 3 months' payslips (umbrella company contractors only), current CV.
  • Limited company directors: latest 2-3 years' limited company trading accounts. Lenders will use the salary and dividend draw from the business by the director or the net profit of the business plus the director’s salary.
  • Sole traders: latest 2-3 years' HMRC tax calculations that are generated when tax returns are submitted, also referred to as ‘SA302' forms.
  • Locums: latest 3 months' bank statements, plus payslips for those who are employed (directly or via umbrella companies). Some lenders may want to see a contract as well.
  • Fixed term employed contractors: current contract and latest 3 months' payslips. Most lenders want a minimum contract term of 12 months on the contract.
  • Multiple incomes: The type of income will determine the documents that are needed and how much of your income will be used. Please get in touch with a specialist Cleerly adviser to discuss your individual circumstances.

Not necessarily. We can help borrowers with complex incomes secure a deposit as low as 5%, depending on your circumstances.

Your borrowing capacity will be determined based on the lender's assessment of your earning potential, the total income you receive and your credit history.

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