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For 15 years, Cleerly has helped accountants, investment bankers and financial advisors secure mortgages tailored to their individual needs and unique financial circumstances.

Mortgages for finance professionals

Are you a contractor working in a financial profession, such as accounting, investment banking or finance management?

If you work in finance and are looking to secure a mortgage, talk to the experts.

As a contractor working in the finance industry, you may find it challenging to secure the ideal mortgage, whether as a first-time buyer or someone wishing to remortgage their existing property. This is often as a result of many high street lenders failing to grasp the complex income structure and tax circumstances of finance contractor roles or an unwillingness to consider your actual income and earning potential.

This is where a specialist mortgage broker who caters for finance professionals, like Cleerly,  can help. We partner primarily with lenders who provide bespoke underwriting for both self-employed and employed finance professionals, taking into account factors such as earnings from contracts, affordability and the nature of your financial role.

Over the last 15 years, Cleerly has built up an extensive understanding of the challenges faced by contractors working in the finance profession. With our expert knowledge, we are able to help accountants, interim CFOs, financial controllers and a wide range of other professionals secure their dream property, or build their buy-to-let portfolio.

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What is a finance professional contractor mortgage?

This is a type of property finance designed specifically for professionals who work in financeroles on a contract basis. Unlike a regular mortgage, which usually requires a steady income and accompanying pay slips, a finance professional mortgage considers the nature of your work and your potential earnings.


How to get a mortgage as a finance professional

When applying for a finance contractor mortgage, you will need to meet certain criteria set by the lender and provide evidence to prove your income and affordability. 

Most lenders will typically need to see the following documentation: 

  • Current signed contract  
  • Up to date CV 
  • Business bank statements  (if Ltd)
  • Personal bank statements 
  • Umbrella payslips 

Additional evidence may be required during the application process, including:  

  • Limited company accounts  
  • Details of any gaps between contracts
  • Evidence of future contracts or pipeline of work 

Your dedicated Cleerly client services manager will help you collate the documentation and present your application in the most favourable light to increase your chances of acceptance. They will also liaise with the lender throughout the process, ensuring you stay informed about your application's progress at every stage. 

First-time buyers

First-time buyer mortgages for contractors in the finance sector

Navigating the mortgage process can be overwhelming for a first-time buyer, particularly those working in contractor professions. Our aim is to simplify this complex journey, taking you step by step through each stage of the application journey. 

Cleerly's specialist mortgage consultants will talk you through all your options, providing straightforward, plain-speaking advice on how to secure your mortgage with a deposit as low as 5% and potentially borrow up to five times your income.

Why Cleerly is the go-to mortgage broker for accountants and finance professionals

We are committed to finding the most suitable mortgage deals for professionals working in financial services

Whether you're an accountant, finance controller, hedge fund manager or investment banker, we know how to present your case effectively to lenders with the highest chances of approval. With over 15 years' experience and expertise, we can bring you one step closer to your dream home, providing simple, jargon-free advice along each step of the mortgage process.

As your specialist finance specialist mortgage broker, Cleerly's services include:

Finding the most suitable mortgage and lender for your individual circumstances.

Negotiating the best market rate and terms for your mortgage.

Collating and submitting your application and supporting documents.

Liaising with the lender on your behalf and resolving any queries that may arise along the way.

Trusted lenders we work with

Let's get the ball rolling

Securing a mortgage as a contracting finance professional can be challenging. Cleerly is on hand to provide bespoke, plain-speaking advice tailored to you.

To speak to one of our specialist contractor mortgage advisors, give us a call today on 02394 212912.