Halifax contractor and self-employed mortgages

The smart choice for contractors and self-employed professionals.

Whether you’re a contractor, freelancer or a professional paid through a limited or umbrella company, you can access the benefits of a Halifax mortgage, the UK’s largest mortgage lender.

Halifax contractor mortgages

Halifax revolutionised the modern contractor mortgage landscape by being the first to consider 'day rates' over historical income for mortgage assessments and offering competitive mortgages for contractors. As the UK’s largest mortgage lender, Halifax welcomes applications from professionals with complex incomes, including day one contractors and sole traders.


Halifax contractor mortgage criteria

Halifax assesses loans based on gross contract value when presented in the correct way, evaluating self-employed contractors in their first trading year or those under payroll and umbrella schemes through gross earnings. With evolving criteria mirroring labour market shifts, Halifax recognises that contractors are not inherently high-risk borrowers.

As part of the Halifax mortgage application process, contractors would normally be required to provide the following:

  • ID and proof of address
  • Evidence of income
  • Evidence of current contract
  • 2 years’ bank statements
  • Proof of deposit
  • Latest bank statements

For more information on Halifax’s lending criteria for contractors, contact our contractor mortgage consultants today on 02394 212912.

Halifax contractor mortgage FAQs

Yes, Halifax has updated its mortgage policies in line with the IR35 rules, accommodating contractors who work under umbrella companies. Whether you're considered self-employed or employed, Halifax's criteria factor in your specific circumstances, such as your income source and continuous employment history. Contact the Cleerly team for more information about the umbrella mortgage application process.

Halifax tends to use TransUnion, Experian and Equifax for its credit checks.

Halifax considers a contractor to be anyone who works on a contract basis and pays tax either via self-assessment, limited company or through an umbrella company.

Halifax tends to have some of the most competitive mortgage rates in the market. The good news is that as a contractor you will have access the same great rates they have for all. For more information on the rates Halifax offers, contact us on 02394 212912.

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