Oil & gas contractor mortgages

Are you a contractor working in the oil and gas industry? Struggling to find a mortgage? Speak to Cleery today.

Challenges you face

As an oil and gas contractor, you encounter risk every day.

You’re prepared for that, you know how to handle that and you get compensated well for that. One area that you don’t expect to be risky however, is obtaining a mortgage.

There are many things that can trip you up when it comes to being accepted for mortgage funding. Whether it’s down to irregular working patterns, foreign income streams or even the way in which you receive your income, there are many hidden barriers that may not become evident until it is too late.

At Cleerly, we specialise in working with those within the oil and gas industry, helping to navigate the choppy waters of specialist mortgage underwriting. With our bespoke underwriting agreements, your case is assessed on its own merits, rather than against a standard tick list that most lenders work from.

The solution

Speak to Cleerly about oil and gas contractor mortgages

We understand your working life may take you from the coast of Scotland one month, to the Middle East the next, meaning you have very little time to organise your mortgage. With our simple, telephone-based approach, we can overcome time issues as well as income issues to ensure that you do not miss out on the best deals on the market today.

Access bespoke underwriting arrangements with high street lenders

Be assessed in the same way as an employee on a permanent contract

Obtain mortgage funding based upon contract rate

Buy residential as well as investment property

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Ready to get started?

Securing a mortgage or remortgage as an oil and gas contractor isn’t always plain-sailing, but our goal is to simplify the process and provide expert, jargon-free advice tailored to you and your circumstances.

Use our online mortgage calculator to compare mortgages or complete our simple quote form to receive quotes straight to your inbox, or give the team a call.

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