Meet the team: William Coe CeMAP

William Coe is something of an enigma… an “extroverted introvert”.

He’s happy to take centre stage and is very confident speaking in public, but he likes his own space. He has a degree in Religious Studies, obtained while facing the challenge of dyslexia as he has done throughout his childhood. He can deliver a sermon, but a he’s a complete fantasy nut with a passion for the Lord of the Rings books and films.

At the heart of it all, William is all about supporting people to overcome their problems, and his career shows how committed he is to his principles.

William Coe may have come to mortgages in a roundabout way, but the clear themes that runs through his background are his generous care and support for others in the community, while overcoming difficult circumstances of his own.

One of his first experiences of work was a long stint as a volunteer youth worker mentoring disadvantaged children in Poole. The charity offered children excluded from school experience of musical instruments to help build their confidence. His patient support helped many of them successfully re-engage with education and he went on to establish a programme to develop the most musically talented kids. The programme, called Aim Community, really took off, leading to performances at the O2 Academy Bournemouth and Poole Lighthouse as well as professional recording sessions.

William moved on to a full-time pastoral role working alongside children in social care at a local senior school for several years, alongside additional work with a community charity. These roles involved preparing young people for adulthood and helping families with a wide range of problems, often those facing extreme situations.

Despite his childhood challenges with dyslexia, William then joined the Dorset Library Service as a library manager. Not content with merely starting a new career, he studied for a degree at the Open University, started a family, continued to engage with community groups and established the library in Highcliffe as one of the most successful in the region, receiving a County Council award.

So where do mortgages come in?

How can someone like William help clients secure the finance they need for the big decisions in their lives?

As the library service was undergoing restructuring by the local authority and threatening his role, Will mentioned this uncertainty of his future to his mortgage broker. His broker suggested a career in mortgages, which William approached as he does everything – wholeheartedly. He soon achieved his CeMAP qualifications and has been a mortgage broker for more than 4 years, and a Senior Mortgage Consultant at Cleerly for more than two of those.

William faced many issues as a young man, such as going through very hard times amid a family break-up, causing him to move away from his south coast roots altogether at one stage. These experiences combined with his drive and commitment resulted in him supporting, coaching and mentoring a whole lot of people towards achieving their goals in life… and now he’s helping his clients do the same.

The philosophy that William’s shares with mortgage clients is simple – think long term.

For example, don’t over-focus on the interest rate now, what are the long-term trends? Don’t simply look at today’s house prices as a snapshot, is property still a sound investment? Finally, don’t cater just for the present day, when your family will grow and your needs change in future.

His outlook on the current market looks, naturally, to the long term. He feels that property prices are correcting after a Covid boom, but houses may yet be undervalued as the the population is rising faster than the housing stock… and we all have to live somewhere. The fundamentals point to long term growth, so first-time buyers may get a bargain if they take the plunge now.

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For considered mortgage advice from someone who always helped the community thrive at the same time as driving himself forward, call William Coe on 023 9421 2903, contact him by email to or via Linkedin.

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