Professional Contractor Mortgages is now Cleerly

Specialist mortgage experts

The Hampshire-based company is changing its name to Cleerly to showcase the comprehensive services on offer which includes a range of financial protection solutions, such as home insurance, critical illness cover, and life insurance.  

The move from PCM to Cleerly also aims to reflect the broker’s broader spectrum of clientele, including locums, individuals working under umbrella companies, overseas workers and those with multiple or complex income streams.

The name change is indicative of the broker's commitment to transparency in the financial industry. Cleerly champions the idea that financial services, even for those with complex incomes, should be straightforward, accessible and easily understood. 

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Our specialist advisers have been serving busy professionals with non-standard incomes for many years now. We pride ourselves on pushing through the obstacles that lenders put in the way of lending decisions, with patient negotiation and a deep understanding of how our clients earn their income. Our new name demonstrates the clarity we provide on behalf of our clients.

Managing Director
Sat Singh

About Cleerly

With over 15 years in the mortgage and insurance sectors, Cleerly’s advisers specialises in finding contractor-friendly mortgage and financial protection solutions for their its clients. The experienced, friendly team is dedicated to ensuring those who don’t fit the conventional tick boxes on a mortgage application aren’t penalised for the way they work or are paid. 

As experts in contractor mortgages, Cleerly’s specialists apply their knowledge, experience and long-standing relationships with lenders to find the most cost-effective and suitable solutions on the market.  

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