Zurich protection claims up 23% last year.

Zurich has recently released its claims data for last year. The data shows c.£353.7m was paid to over 6,000 life, critical illness and income protection policy holders compared to £287.6m in 2019. Payments to customers with life insurance policies jumped by over a quarter (27%).

Over 6,000 life, critical illness and income protection customers have received payments worth over £353.7 million, up 23% on the previous year.

Life insurance payments increased by more than a quarter to £279.6m million in past year whereas a 15% drop (nearly £12m) was seen in critical illness payments, with customers unable to access treatment and diagnosis.

Only £20m of life insurance claims were directly linked to Coronavirus but the youngest claimant was aged just 34. Men accounted for two thirds of all claims whilst mental health conditions accounted for over a quarter of income protection claims, totalling almost £1.7m, followed by 22% for cancers.

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