Income protection

Have you planned for a time when you aren’t bringing home the same money you’re earning now?

How we can help you

What if you were suddenly getting less – or nothing – for a long time?

Income protection insurance insures against loss of earnings through injury or illness. It’s an excellent way for you to replace the sick pay benefit received as a permanent employee.

Generally, income protection is a monthly benefit that pays around 75% – 85% of your income while you’re unable to work and is based on your earnings prior to the claim. Your income can be open to interpretation leading to many people paying for policies that don’t work for their situation.

Luckily, our specialist protection consultants are on hand to advise you on the best income protection insurance plan for you.

Benefits include...

Protecting your family

Providing you and your loved ones peace of mind

Finding the best rates depends on finding the right income protection plan for you.

Just like mortgages, not every option out there works for you and the way in which you work. One of our specialist protection consultants can help you find the most comprehensive, cost-effective and suitable income protection cover tailored to your circumstances.

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