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Giving contractors the freedom to borrow based on the contract rate from day one of the contract, whilst using an umbrella company or limited company, with as little as 5% deposit and without the need for limited company accounts

As a contractor, you do not fit into the standard tick boxes on a mortgage application. But, help is at hand.

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At Cleerly we obsess over service and problem-solving for our clients. We partner exclusively with service providers who share the same ethos.

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We are a specialist contractor mortgage broker, our consultants have helped 1000’s of contractors during their careers. Even if your own bank has said no, we can still assist.

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We work with high street lenders to ensure you do not get penalised for working as a contractor.

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Looking to finally complete that renovation project or simply want to freshen things up? Find out what additional borrowing options exist without affecting your current mortgage rates.